2015 Year Pics are in Announcement


Extravadance Studios believes a well rounded dancer grows up to be a leader in their community.  Our mission is to provide our communities with just that… LEADERS.

By offering a balanced dance curriculum that allows dancers to celebrate small successes while training them to excel, Extravadance teaches our dancers to work hard, perform with their heart, and excel in technique.



Upcoming Events

June 13- Spring Recital at Herriman High
June 20- Comp Team POOL PARTY!


10862439_10205426542250935_446805121039334914_o-2 My son Z has been dancing for five years, the last three at Extravadance.  While I knew they were teaching the kids dance theory, and vocabulary on top of rhythm, music and moves, I didn’t “GET” just how their instruction was rounding my little dancer out until recently.  On a family trip to Las Vegas, we were wandering the Strip.  We approached and watched a particular street performer drumming on five gallon buckets, pans and the like.  My husband and I both kept nudging Z to hop in the…
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